About us


It all began when two simple-minded men with unnatural business skills decided to expand and explore their horizons. These two visioneries began the same task that thousands of other entrepreneurs have attempted over the years, but with a difference. Their unparalleled dedication and sheer brillance has culminated into the successful enterprise that we call Unisys Electronics and Oasys Electric Co.


We at the Unisys and Oasys Group strive at the single most sacred objective in the business world - "coustomer satisfaction". Each and every endevour we undertake focuses on the smooth and unhindered flow of our integral system. Also, we have an unbreakable bond with our employees.


Presently we are a small but loyal enterprise. Our goals on the other hand are anything but mediocre. Naturally, due to our constantly increasing success rate in the Vidarbha region, we at the Unisys and Oasys Group have arrived at a common consensus regarding the expansion of our business horizons. With our wheels set in motion, we believe that we can change the very nature of distribution and service industry.